Vale da Ria - Pricing


The indicated starting prices include everything listed in the specifications

Plot 8 – Starting from 2.600.000€

Plots 9 – Starting from 3.200.000€ 

Plot 13 – Starting from 2.200.000€

The project is expected to be completed within 18-24 months from the start of construction, including bespoke designs and project approval. 

As construction progresses, the payment structure for the project is based on milestones being met. This allows for a more flexible and transparent payment process, as well as an added level of security for the buyers. Throughout the construction period, regular updates and inspections will be provided to ensure that the project is on track for on-time completion.

The 4-stage payment plan:

1. 30% at signing the promissory

2. 20% when the construction starts

3. 30% when interior finishes start

4. 20% at final deed when the villa becomes your personal home

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