Praia da Luz, the best of all worlds

Luz is a wonderful beach village situated 5 km outside of Lagos, near the Vicentine Coast National Park.

Praia da Luz, the jewel of Lagos

Though technically still part of the Municipal Council of Lagos, Luz is physically separated from the rest of Lagos by a 2 km-long cliff ending to the east of Luz in a striking black rock protrusion called Rocha Negra. This physical separation has allowed Luz to keep its identity as a small, family-oriented, seaside village, even as it underwent a major transformation from millennial fishing village to a beachgoer’s paradise.

Though the sea in Praia da Luz is generally calm, large northwesterly swells wrap around Cape St Vincent and produce epic surf conditions in Luz, more predominantly in the winter. Otherwise, clear blue water and sandy bottoms, with interesting rocky ledges and formations, make Luz a natural underwater haven for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Encosta da Luz
Encosta da Luz, Odivelas, Portugal

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