Encosta da Luz – Update 24th of July

Get the latest news on Encosta da Luz. In this report, our Chief Engineer and Partner, Jorge Grave, sheds light on the progress and developments made since our last update.

Plot 1

We are waiting for the approval of the engineering projects to start the work, which is scheduled for the beginning of August. To prepare for the upcoming construction phase, we have been working on clearing the lot and setting up the work fence and the yard.

Plot 2

We are preparing projects for a 300m2 house. Plot 2 is for sale.

Area: 989,45 m2

Steel Frame Construction: 2,510,000 €

Traditional Construction: 2,350,000 €

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Plot 3

We have completed the structure and earthworks, with landfills on the back of the walls.

Plot 4 

The construction work has progressed significantly as the slabs have been completed and work has now begun on the exterior walls using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). These panels are an excellent choice for insulation purposes and provide amazing thermal resistance, which helps to reduce energy consumption and keep the building warm. In addition, the use of SIPS panels also helps to increase the overall strength and durability of the building, making it less prone to damage from natural disasters

Plot 5

The foundations in reinforced concrete were completed, followed by the execution of the support walls and assembly of the metallic structure.

Plot 6

This plot is now reserved.

Plot 7

The assembly of the interior air-conditioning machines was completed, and the closing of the false ceilings began. The modeling of the outside land was completed to start the outside floors and garden. Next week, the assembly of the exterior window frames will begin to close the house and start the final interior finishes.

Plot 8

The architectural project is in the final stages of execution, to be submitted for approval at CM Lagos within 15 days. Plot 8 is for sale

Area: 1312,80 m2

Steel Frame Construction from: 3,195,000 €

Traditional Construction from: 2,975,000 €

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