Encosta da Luz – Progress

Our Chief Engineer and Partner, Jorge Grave, provides us with an in-depth update on each plot of Encosta da Luz.

Plot 8

The architecture project for the license is being finalised, and the engineering projects have started. The licensing process at Câmara Municipal de Lagos should be open until mid-July.

Plot 8 is for sale

Area: 1312,80 m2

Steel Frame Construction from: 3,195,000 €

Traditional Construction from: 2,975,000 €

Plot 7

The exterior and interior walls have been completed, and a thermal coating in cork has been applied to the exterior. The roof and terraces on the 1st floor have been waterproofed. Concrete screeds and interior floor fillings, including underfloor heating pipes, have been installed. The exterior walls of the structure have been finished with plaster. Technical installations are currently ongoing.

Work has started on closing the false ceilings, which should be completed by August 15th. This includes assembling the AC machines. The assembly of the exterior window frames is planned for completion until August 5th, followed by the installation of interior finishes such as wooden floors, railings, and painting of walls and ceilings. The completion of the work is scheduled for mid-September.

Plot 6

Plot 6 is for sale

Area: 1180,65 m22

Steel Frame Construction from: 2,950,000 €

Traditional Construction from: 2,750,000 €

Plot 5

Excavation and earthmoving work have been completed. The next step is the execution of the foundation footings. Meanwhile, production of the metal structure at the factory has begun and should be ready for assembly on site within two months.

Plot 4

The structure has been completed and the wooden floors have been started. The completion of the structure of the floors and exterior walls is expected by mid-August.

Plot 3

The metal structure is currently being assembled and is expected to be completed by the end of June.

Plot 2

Plot 2 is for sale

Area: 989,45 m2

Steel Frame Construction: 2,350,000 €

Traditional Construction: 2,350,000 €

Plot 1

The architectural project has been approved by the Câmara Municipal de Lagos, and the engineering projects will be delivered this week. The license is expected to be issued in September, and construction will begin then.

If you are interested in the remaining available plots (8, 2 and 6) please get in touch:


914 564 506 (Chamada para rede móvel nacional)

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