Encosta da Luz – November update

We are excited to share the latest news and updates on the construction progress of Encosta da Luz. Jorge Grave shares some exciting developments.

Plot 1: Earthmoving Work to Begin in December

Exciting news! The construction project is progressing smoothly, and we are happy to announce that the earthmoving work is slated to commence in December.

Plot 2: Developing Projects for a 300m2 House

This plot is for sale. We are currently working on developing projects for a spacious 300m2 house. This involves meticulous planning and design to ensure that the house meets all the requirements and expectations of our clients.

Plot 3: Progress on Structural Wooden Floors and Exterior/Interior Walls

Great progress has been made on the construction site. The structural wooden floors have been successfully completed, and we have now moved on to executing the exterior walls using SIPS panels and the interior walls using plasterboard.

Plot 4: Continuing Execution of Interior Walls with Plasterboard

The construction team is diligently working on executing the interior walls using the efficient plasterboard. This method ensures high-quality and durable walls that will contribute to the overall excellence of the project.

Plot 5: The Next Phase

In the beginning of December, we will proceed with the assembly of the metal structure

Plot 6: Reserved

Plot 6 is currently reserved, and we are finalising the details.

Plot 7: Completion Scheduled for Early December

We are pleased to share that we anticipate the completion of the work by the end of the first week of December.

Plot 8: Architectural Project Nearing Completion

This plot is for sale. The architectural project for Plot 8 is in its final stage of execution and it will be submitted for approval to CM Lagos within the next 15 days.

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