Construction Progress Update: Burgau Sea Gardens Apartments

After a brief break for the festive season, the development has been steadily moving forward, with significant milestones achieved in various phases of the project. Let’s delve into the latest developments that showcase the progress made in recent weeks.

Masonry Work Completion

The most recent achievement is the completion of the masonry work for the final two blocks, A2 and C, marking the conclusion of all masonry work on the site.

Technical Facilities Installation in Block B

In Block B, a key focus has been on the installation of essential technical facilities, which has now been completed.

Progress in Blocks A1, A2, and C

In the blocks where masonry work has already been completed, namely A1, A2, and C, the construction team is currently engaged in the installation of the first phase of technical facilities. This involves the careful placement of boxes and pipes, laying the groundwork for the seamless integration of utilities within the buildings.

Advanced Status of Block B

Block B, being at a more advanced stage, has witnessed the completion of exterior plastering. Simultaneously, the application of stucco on the interior walls and ceilings is well underway.

Preparation for Basement Floors

The construction team is gearing up for the execution of the basement floors. This involves the installation of sewer boxes and the placement of crushed stone and tout-venant layers. The polished concrete flooring will be completed by the end of February.

There are still 7 apartments available on the ground floor and 6 apartments on the first floor. If you would like to receive more information or explore the opportunity to make one of these stunning apartments your future home, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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