Comfortable T2 apartments

The condominium consists of 32 apartments, with 2 bedrooms, one of which is in suite. The superior apartments have a balcony and a private roof terrace. 

The ground floors have large balconies and private gardens with direct access to the pool. In both cases, there is the option of installing private jacuzzis.

Each apartment has a parking space and a private storage room in the garage.

Burgau Sea Gardens exclusivity also extends to high quality finishes, which can be adapted to your preferences during the construction phase.

Living the best
of the Algarve

Privileging green spaces and elements related to nature, the Burgau Sea Gardens condominium was designed to provide you with peaceful moments and a unique quality of life.

Indoor - Outdoor easy living

In addition to the numerous gardens that compose it, the condominium also offers; two pools, one of which is for children, so you can enjoy the enviable Algarve climate and a gym to exercise your mind and body.

The apartments have generous balconies with shutters, which allow to create an open-air environment, being the ideal space for family leisure and with total privacy.

Ground Floor

Apartment Fraction Internal Area Covered Terraces Area Total Area Price
A0 M 85,05m² 18,75m² 170,63m² 400 208 €
B0 N 82,55m² 18,75m² 171,10m² SOLD
C0 O 82,55m² 18,75m² 170,54m² SOLD
D0 P 85,05m² 18,75m² 174,33m² 458 420 €
E0 A 85,72m² 18,34m² 200,63m² SOLD
F0 B 82,78m² 18,62m² 173,22m² 436 590 €
G0 C 82,78m² 18,62m² 179,82m² 471 760 €
H0 D 83,88m² 18,48m² 181,76m² 481 793 €
I0 E 83,88m² 18,48m² 183,71m² SOLD
J0 F 82,78m² 18,62m² 190,05m² SOLD
L0 G 82,78m² 18,62m² 189,24m² 471 760 €
M0 H 89,06m² 18,64m² 168,54m² SOLD
N0 I 85,07m² 61,52m² 200,79m² 457 600 €
O0 J 82,55m² 18,75m² 187,14m² SOLD
P0 K 82,55m² 18,75m² 188,67m² SOLD
Q0 L 82,55m² 18,75m² 176,51m² SOLD

First Floor

Apartment Fraction Internal Area Covered Terraces Area Total Area Price
A1 AE 83,67m² 20,13m² 172,17m² SOLD
B1 AF 81,63m² 19,67m² 169,15m² SOLD
C1 AG 81,63m² 19,67m² 164,64m² SOLD
D1 AH 83,67m² 20,13m² 170,49m² 458 420 €
E1 Q 84,15m² 19,91m² 172,70m² 436 590 €
F1 R 81,86m² 19,54m² 182,66m² 458 420 €
G1 S 81,86m² 19.71m² 162,01m² 471 760 €
H1 T 82,64m² 19,71m² 172,87m² SOLD
I1 U 82,64m² 19,71m² 177,15m² SOLD
J1 V 81,86m² 19,54m² 183,34m² SOLD
L1 X 81,86m² 19,54m² 165,10m² SOLD
M1 Z 87,65m² 20,03m² 186,55m² SOLD
N1 AA 83,67m² 18,75m² 176,52m² SOLD
O1 AB 81,63m² 19,67m² 166,41m² 458 420 €
P1 AC 81,63m² 19,67m² 172,13m² 574 650 € *
Q1 AD 83,67m² 20,13m² 171,04m² SOLD

* SHOW APARTMENT – Includes Specification B, furniture pack and added extras. Contact us for more details.

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