Burgau Sea Gardens – Show Apartment Coming Soon

We are thrilled to announce that the show apartment will be ready soon, giving you a unique opportunity to experience the luxurious lifestyle that awaits you at Burgau Sea Gardens.

We are currently preparing apartment P1 as the show apartment with Specification B, including a series of extras and a furniture pack at cost price. Please continue reading to learn more about the exciting details!

The Style of Your Home – Specification B

Specification B features a stunning combination of elegant wood elements and a soothing color palette that consists of neutral tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This design is the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and timeless elegance.

Download our brochure for more details on the materials.



Square SPA jacuzzi designed to offer a remarkable variety of massages and it has capacity for 5 people. It has 52 jets and comes with coverage, ladder and LED lighting. Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 900mm.

  • 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic by Msacril
  • 360mm Water Repellence
  • Finishing Sauleda Fabric Protector

Hydromassage bathtub model 190×900 KIT CR.82620111 by Sanidusa

Drinking Water Filter  

Grohe blue pure minta starter kit with extendable shower by GROHE

Blackout + Screens for all glass doors and windows

Roller blind system with motor operation Sombroll 460

  • Mechanism with electric control
  • Effortless handling
  • The blind can be stopped in any position
  • Use of limit stops
  • 60mm winding tube in aluminium alloy
  • 88 mm projection lacquered steel brackets
  • 12×42 mm bottom rail in aluminium alloy
  • Concealed bottom rails
  • Ceiling to wall installation

Blackout Fabrics

  • Allows for complete darkening
  • Excellent thermic insulation
  • Block UV rays
  • Excellent level of resistance

Screens Fabrics

  • Translucent fabrics in Polyester and PVC, with M1 fire-resistance
  • Controls the entrance natural light
  • Excellent visual and thermal comfort inside the building
  • Fabric colours and opening percentage are features that influence your comfort, the glare control and visibility to the outside
  • Darker colours allow superior visual comfort
  • Screen fabrics allow you to preserve visibility to the outside
  • Protection against UV rays
Hydraulic Underfloor Heating

Hydraulic underfloor heating with fan coll units system that can be installed in the bedrooms, bathrooms, hallway, kitchen and living room.

Home Automation

Installed by local experts in smart home technology, Technoloje. The home automation package includes:

  • KNX Programming Integration
  • Integration system Control4 and mobile APP
  • Audio distribution
  • Wi-FI distribution
  • Intrusion prevention system
  • CCTV
  • Technical cabinet
  • Connectivity of home automation to the hydraulic underfloor heating system and HVAC.

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