Burgau Sea Gardens – Block B Structure

Construction work on the structure is currently underway and progressing steadily. The first block, Block B, is set to be completed on May 31st, and the remaining blocks are scheduled to be finished by the end of July. The quality of the work is exceptionally high, as can be seen in the accompanying photos.

However, we have encountered an unforeseen setback that has caused a delay of 15 days in our progress, as compared to the initial planning. This delay was due to some unexpected complaints from the neighbours, which prevented us from carrying out the construction work outside of normal hours and on Saturdays, as previously planned.

Despite this setback, we are actively working to get back on track. We have already requested and received a special noise license from CM Lagos. This license will allow us to work outside of normal hours and on Saturdays, with additional reinforcement of the work teams. We are confident that with these measures, we will be able to recover the lost time and get back to our initial planning schedule.

Chief engineer and partner, 

Jorge Grave.

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